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You are given a two-dimensional list of integers ports where ports[i] represents the list of ports that port i is connected to. You are also given another two-dimensional list of integers shipments where each list of the form [port_i, port_j] which means there is a shipment request from port_i to port_j.

Given that the cost to ship port_i to port_j is the length of the shortest path from the two ports, return the total cost necessary to send all the shipments. If there’s not a path between two ports, the cost is 0.


  • p ≤ 100 where p is the length of ports
  • s ≤ 10,000 where s is the length of shipments



Example 1


  • ports =
[[list([2, 3]),list([2]),list([1, 0]),list([4]),list([])]]
  • shipments =


  • answer = 3


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